Can you believe I actually got up 7 o’clock this morning and wasn’t miserable? It felt great. Changing your mindset can really help you, physically and mentally. I have always been a lazy university student, only doing work when I go on Instagram or youtube to read some motivational quotes. I would get boosted for 5 minutes and drop right back in my lazy routine. 

But this time, I got up early. Fed my birds and Fish. Took a bath. Cooked and ate breakfast and now I’m doing laundry and I still feel energetic. I have Finals, now I’m preparing to study. I wrote down my goals for the day, which I know will benefit me in some way.

 If you are reading this and know you have some important work to do, please just do it. I’m one of the biggest procrastinators ever and it’s the worst habit I could ever have. I hate it… I decide to change my mindset and now my behavior towards everything has changed. 

Work on your self. There will never be the right time. Just do it. you will feel better, believe me. you can even start your diary entries, to see what need improvement. Better your life. You are in charge of your own success. Don’t worry about anyone else, just work on yourself. I’m begging you.

you can survive.

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