Story 1: “Peer Pressure Can be hard to resist.”

“Anna, you think your mom will allow you at my party tonight?” Brittanie asked while brushing her hair in the school bathroom.

“Your party starts at 10 in the night, my mother doesn’t believe any 15-year-old child should be out of the house at that hour, I strongly agree with her. Brittanie, there are plenty of monsters in this world, and they always seem innocent.” Anna was the most innocent teen in her community, she always respected her family beliefs and morals and she hated crowd because she felt the loneliness among them.

Brittanie had a love-hate relationship for Anna. They have been best friends from age two, Anna was the only sister like figure she had, but times like these she was tempted to choke the hell out of her. ” Whatever Anna, after school I’m coming over to ask Mr. and Mrs. Peterson if you can come, they never said no to me before.” Brittanie taps her hairbrush on Anna’s forehead feeling confident that her best friend parents will definitely make her come to her party.

*Meanwhile At Anna’s House*

“Oh My God, nothing is going right from this morning. Is today Friday the 13th or something?” Mrs. Peterson stomach hasn’t been feeling right from this morning and she was panicking if she was pregnant or not, because this was how she felt when expecting Anna and her big brother, Kymani. However, she didn’t want to say anything to either her son or husband as yet, but anxiety was taking over her entire body. 

Kymani started laughed and said, ” you just need to calm down, you moving so fast like you have somewhere to go.”

Mrs. Peterson threw the kitchen towel in his face and started laughing too. Mr. Peterson marched in the kitchen with an angry expression and started to mumble how the referee was a sellout and a hypocrite. Both his son and wife started to laugh at him, he shouted, “One Day, One Day, One day…”

Kymani stood up, mocking his father, shouting, “One Day, One Day, One Day I’m going to lose this big belly in front of me.”

Mr. Peterson started to chase him in the kitchen, with Mrs. Peterson shouting, “If any of you break anything, you buying it.” She loved seeing her family like this, she felt blessed to have such loving husband and children, but she still was feeling this dread in her stomach that just won’t go away. 

*Back to Anna and Brittanie*

“My head is hurting from this morning, I wasn’t going to come to school today, but I knew Mrs. Jones was going to teach a new topic, and I couldn’t miss that. Geography is so fun, just knowing about the earth is fun. I can’t wait..” 

“Can you shut up Anna?” Brittanie asked with a stern voice, “We near your house, your parents better don’t give me no trouble, I hate long talking.”

Anna couldn’t figure out why Brittanie was behaving like that.  From the moment they entered the 9th grade, she became a different person. She stopped caring about school and Anna felt like she stopped caring about her too. Anna hated to feel like a bothersome and at some point, she was planning to cut Brit off, but Britt been her best friend from age 2, Can she throw away such friendship? 

“Can I just say this one thing I have been dying to tell you?” Anna asked with a soft tone.

sigh, Brit rolled her eyes, “Go ahead,”.

“I finally decide what I want to do when we leave high school. I am going to university to major in Geography. My family also thinks it a good idea.” Anna said that so proudly that Brit felt sick in her stomach.

“Everyone in our class is sick of school and you want to continue, I have the weirdest best friend help her.”

Anna’s heart leap at the word best friend, she hasn’t heard Brit called her that for months now and she felt concerned. Anna felt calmer and safer the minute Brit spoke those words. She started laughing, ” well Brit, everyone needs a weird friend.”

“We at your house now, take that awkward grin off your face, Anna.” 

Anna couldn’t help it. Her best friend just acknowledges her, now she was praying that her parents will allow her to attend the party. Maybe going to this party can improve her friendship with Brittanie. 

“You want to call them or Should I do it?” Brit asked with the most boring expression on her face.

“You do it,”. Anna still wasn’t liking Brit’s energy, but at this moment she doesn’t care. She just wanted to celebrate her best friend birthday.

“Mrs. Peterson! Mr. Peterson! Hello!” 

Anna was looking like a 5 years old, who was about to get ice cream. 

“Anna, you’re home, sweetheart. Hey, Brittanie, Happy Birthday baby girl.” Mrs. Peterson greeted the girls.

“Good evening and Thank you, Mrs. Peterson. I was wondering if Anna could attend my party, as my best friend I think she is obligated to be there supporting me.”

The feeling in Mrs. Peterson’s stomach felt worst immediately Brittanie stopped speaking. 

“Brit, I’m sorry, I already spoke to your parents and they understood. I’m not making my child leave this house so late.”

Evilness over shadow Brit’s heart, hatred was pouring more than love. Anna was disappointed, but she respected her mother answer and will always obey her.

“Okay Mrs. Peterson, have a good day.” Brit turned around without even looking at Anna. Anna ran behind her, shouting at her to slow down your pace. “What Anna, Don’t worry my party will be ten times better without you.”

“I’m sorry, Brit, But you know my mom.”

“Girl, you’re the only teenager around her, who never sneaks out of the house before, try it tonight.”

Anna was shocked to see Brit brought that proposal to her. “How could you ask such a thing, I never ever disobeyed my parents  before.”

Brit stepped to her face, even both noses were touching. Mrs. Peterson couldn’t hear the conversation, but she hated how Brit body language was in front of her daughter. “I am your only friend at school, everyone thinks you’re a teacher’s pet and hate your guts. I can ruin your high school experience in a second. If you are not at my party tonight, you will find out why victims of bullying take their own lives.” She turned around and started walking away from Anna. 

Anna entire body was shaking, her mother ran towards her and hugged her. Both were speechless, Mrs. Peterson wanted to ask so many questions, but she decided that her daughter would choose silence over questioning. 

“I’m going up to my room mom, I love you”.

“I love you too baby girl, you don’t need friends like that.”

“Well, I don’t have any friends overall, I don’t want any dinner. See you whenever.”

Mrs. Peterson watched her daughter dragged herself up the stairs like a dog whose feet were broken.

“Hey, sis, wanna play some Mario Bros?” Kymani asked while stretching to help his sister with her school bag. 

She pulled back her hand, ” I can manage Kymani, and no I don’t wanna play.” She continues walking until she reached in her room and shut the door behind her.

*At Brittanie’s house*

“I hate her and want her dead!” Brit shouted in her room, both brothers looked at each other then looked at her.

Jace sat up straight and ask, “Who and why?”

“That shit face Anna.” She jumped on the couch between both her brothers and continued by saying, ” her parents think she so perfect, Oh no my sweet Anna can’t come to your late night party. Anna behaved like she is smartest and prettiest, omg, I hate her. I can’t stand her. I want her dead.”

Akeem didn’t like what he was hearing from his little sister, so he tried talking some sense in her. ” Sis, you can’t just want to kill someone because you are jealous of them. You guys are like sisters. She is like our little sister too.”

Jace started laughing and said, ” Mann I only have one sister, get the hell out of here.” 

Akeem was starting to get angry, he pushed away Brit’s foot away from him, got up and shouted, ” We don’t have to be a product of our environment. Not because Dad was a killer…”

Before Akeem could finish his statement, Jace’s fist landed right on his left jaw. “Don’t you ever speak about Dad, he was no killer.”

Akeem got right up and pushed Jace right in the couch, to show that he wasn’t afraid of him. “You are fooling yourself if you don’t believe Dad raped and killed that lady and I thanked God the Jurors weren’t stupid like you, All of you…” Akeem was once again interrupted, but this time with a knife in his stomach by his own little sister, Brittanie. He stared at her in disbelieve and fell right to the floor, hitting his head. He was unconscious. 

“Why the hell you did that Brittanie?” Jace’s face was turning red, no matter how much he argued with his brother, he loved him. Akeem was his twin, Akeem was his soulmate. His temper was getting so high, that he wanted to take the knife out his brother and put it in Brit, but that’s his little sister, he would never hurt her.

Brittanie started crying hysterically, “He was disrespecting Father, I am so sorry Jace, I’m so sorry.” She kept saying she was sorry over and over. Jace stared at his brother body getting cold. His heart was hardening. 

“Get ready for your party, I will deal with this.” He couldn’t look at Brit, if he did, he would have to dig two graves. She wanted to ask him about the Anna situation, but she kept quiet and walked away. 

*Several hours past, The Party is about to start.*

Anna was having an anxiety attack. Her family came to check up on her several times before they went to bed, she even pretended to be sleeping so her father could leave the room. 

“Lord, I never did this before.” She kept on praying while walking closer to the window asking God to forgive her for disobeying her parents. She unbolted the knob, quietly lifted the window and jumped out. 

Anna landed safely and she looked up in the sky and said, “God I love you.”

She promptly started walking away from the house, the minute she turned the corner, there was a dog in front of her. Anna was shocked, she has never seen a dog in this community. The dog stared at her for a minute then started barking at her uncontrollable, Anna wanted to turn around and ran back home, but she took up two stone and threw at the dog. The dog ran away and she was relieved. She started running towards Brit’s house now because the street was lonely and a sense of fear took over her body. She could hear the music. “Yes, I am near Lord.” The moment she said that she fell right to the floor and hurt her ankle. Anna was in excruciating pain. She got up and force herself to walk. “I’m near.”

Anna reaches Brittanie’s home, it was crowded with around 50 or more students from her school and some older men from the community. “Hey Anna!” several students shouted at her, surprised to see her out this late. She slowly walked around the house hoping to see Brit, so she could help her with putting ice on her ankle. 

“Hey Anna,” Brit said why hugging Anna from behind, ” I know you had a little badness in you, let’s enjoy this party.”

“Wait, Brit, my ankle seems like it’s broken, Can you please help me?” Anna felt a dark energy radiating from Brit, but at this moment she didn’t care, she just wanted help.

“Sure, let’s go in my brother’s room, away from all this noise.” Anna followed Brit to the room. When they reached the door, Brit stepped aside, So Anna could first enter. The moment Anna stepped through the door, her head started to spin, the energy of the room was too corrupted for her.

Before she could turn around, Brit kicked her on her broken ankle, Anna screamed in agony. “I hate you and you need to die.” 

“Brit, please,  we are best friends, don’t ruin your life by taking mines.”

“Don’t worry, my smart Anna. I did my research on how I can kill you and get away with it.” Brit took out a needle syringe out of her pocket and kneel to Brit on the floor, ” You were excellent in Biology Anna, so here is a question, If a pretty girl name Brit, injected a know it all named Anna with air, What will happen to Anna?

“Brit, please,” Anna begged for at least five times then stopped. Anna and her mother were always good with energy, Anna could see her energy was leaving to go somewhere else. She starred at Brit, while in excruciating pain because Brit kept on kicking on her ankle, ” Just do it.”

*9 o’clock in the morning, at Anna’s house*

“Oh My God,  how is the entire house still sleeping in so late?” Mrs. Paterson slapped her husband, ” the time is so late, time to get up.”

“Ok, ok, Go wake the Kids, I’m behind you.” Mr. Peterson said while rolling off the bed. 

Mrs. Peterson still had that dread feeling in her stomach, she sensed the house energy draining and she didn’t know why. She went and opened Kymani’s room door, “Get up Kymani, the time is late.”

“Okay Mom,” Kymani tiredly said.

“I thought Anna would be the first one up.”  She went and opened Anna’s room door.

Screams could be heard miles away. Mr. Peterson and Kymani ran quickly to Mrs. Peterson side. The three of them stood in front of Anna’s room. Her room was empty.

“Where is Anna?” Both Mr. Peterson and Kymani asked at the same time.

Mrs. Peterson could see the energy leaving the room by exiting through the window. “She’s gone.” Mrs. Peterson fainted.

*To be continued*

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