POEM: His Hands fell in love with my face.

He slapped me once, he apologized.
He slapped me twice, we went on a date late in the night.
The third time he stopped caring.
His hands fell in love with my face,
So it was tempting,
he had to change my brown skin to black and blue.
He had to bruise my lips, to him it looked cool.
He got attracted to my swollen eyes,
And he knows I will still love him for the rest of my life.

Mommy told me to leave,
But the apple truly doesn’t fall far from the tree.
Daddy’s hands loved her face too,
And she stayed and enjoyed seeing her complexion black and blue.

My friends don’t understand,
How could they?
They changed relationship so quick,
In love Monday and broken up by Friday.

I love this man,
Yes, sometimes I am afraid of his hands.
They said our relationship is toxic and only death will set me free.

I tried to escape.

Nope, That was a lie.

Every time I hid, I wanted to be found by him.

They said I’m sick, to think I’m in love,
but this is a sickness, I don’t want to be heal from.

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