Poem: My Ears are guilty too.

My neighbor’s husband was pleaded guilty today,
I almost went to the Judge to ask him to plead me guilty too.
I sat there and listened to everything that night…
Froze in my chair, I couldn’t move.

She shouted help!

I did nothing.

“Help me please!”

I did nothing.

I sat there, in my own fear,
thinking about my past,
How my husband choked me until I turned blue.

I heard her cries.

I really wanted to help,
but supposed I went over and it was my husband instead?

My mind was playing tricks on me.
I was being selfish.
Thinking about my wellbeing, when my neighbor was seconds away from death.


Didn’t know what the hell to do.

Call the police!

Not even that my body could move and do.

Am I the worst human on earth, to sit there and hear another sister being hurt?

1st gunshot.

My heart skipped a beat.

2nd gunshot.

That should have been me.

3rd gunshot.

What did she do?
He said he loves her and will forever protect her,
instead, he put her 6ft under.

He is guilty,
But I’m guilty too.

24 thoughts on “Poem: My Ears are guilty too.

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