Dysfunctional Family: “I want Mommy”.

Mommy, you remember when you used to love me?

Cared for me?

Prayed that I came home to safety,

What happened?

When I come home from school, you don’t even look at me….

You just drink from your bottle and start acting crazy.

You make yourself feel better by disrespecting me..

Calling me names, saying I’m worthless just like my daddy,

Then you have the nerve to blame society.

Do you know how it feels, whenever I look in the mirror I see you,

Why did I have to resemble you?

I want my mommy, but I don’t want you..

I want the mommy who made this house feel like a home,

I want my mommy who made me feel loved,

made sure I was never hungry,

she always cared for me..

I want my mommy

Getting beat up by bullies at school, then come home to get a beating from you …..

Plenty of time, I want to go

Either by rope or cut my wrist

But then I said no.

People always blame the daddies …..

The dead beat daddy.

You know how I look whenever I say my dead beat mommy

People think I”m weird

Because that saying is rare.

Being an adult at age 16 is not nice.

You ruined my childhood.

I’m here popping pills like they are candy.

Gotta look at my friends and say don’t judge me.

You ruined me, mommy,

And you don’t even regret it

It’s like I’m in foster care..

The thing is you’re the same woman but with a different man every night.

Moving from address to address.

Moving from book smart to street smart.

Because no-one is going to protect me

I have to protect myself.

The path you’re on,

One day you won’t exist, but it won’t matter, because I’m already used to it.

I want my mommy, but I don’t want you.

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