Poem: “I will continue to grow.”

I hardly get any water,
but people don’t see that.
They judge me from my roots to head,
speaking how I looked withered.

When I asked them to passed me a cup water,
they came up with excuses,
I was dying,
needed assistance,
scarred with bruises.


I was determing,
I needed to survive,
I arched my head towards the sun,
I needed that light.

I saw my potential,
I don’t need a soul to give me water.

I will continue to grow….

My mind is set,
I have goals to target.

I will continue to grow,

without anyone’s help.

13 thoughts on “Poem: “I will continue to grow.”

  1. I really enjoy poetry, so thank you for sharing this with me. This is beautiful. I can tell by your writing you are so strong. Thank you for gracing the world with your strength and courage.

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  2. This is deep and beautifully worded. It can be hard when you feel as though the people around you fail to see what you have to work through each day just to accomplish the feats that you have – Remember, it’s your journey to travel, and your story to tell. Don’t let them change that.

    Britt | http://unapologeticallyyou.org

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