Poem: “That Man is hurting too”

I looked in his eyes,
I could see his pain,
He is hurting,
So many scars on his body,
He’s been working.

From 5 in the morning to 10 in the night,
He’s been around that factory machine,
Society taught him, that’s it is his job to provide.

My father is in pain,
All these working hours, but still no gain.
Mom doesn’t understand, she just wants to see the bills are being paid.

The tears are coming,
He quickly ran and washed his face,
He’s trying to teach my little brother that no man must show his pain.

Wrong teaching,
Passing down from generation to generation.
He has forgotten that he is human.
Mom has forgotten that he’s human.
Society has forgotten that he’s human.

it’s okay to cry,
It’s okay to show that you are struggling with anxiety,
It’s okay to show that you are hurting,

that you have been beaten down by depression.

This is dedicated to all man out there, who feel like they are all alone in this world.
We understand, don’t make suicide be an option.
We are here for you.
May the supreme being bless you.

24 thoughts on “Poem: “That Man is hurting too”

  1. A very important subject. As a man I definitely feel its important to be in touch with how I am now feeling and not hide it. Keep writing insightful stuff

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  2. What a great post! Yes, society definitely seems to make men feel like they can’t be honest about their feelings. They just need to suck it up and keep working. But they’re human too! They should be able to express themselves just as freely. We need more posts like this so men can see that we see what’s happening and want a change for them. Thanks for sharing!

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