I still have hope.

It felt like a dark cloud was over my head for a few days. I wasn’t doing my normal routine. I stopped engaging with my blogging community. I was hardly eating and I was constantly feeling fatigue.

My thoughts were all over the place, I was slowly losing myself.
I would sit in the corner of my room crying for no reason.

I am surrounded by love, so what was my problem?
I couldn’t find the answer, no matter how hard I looked.

I felt like I was out of time,
I’m 20 years old and can’t find any of my achievements.
I was putting myself in depression for no reason,
just because I couldn’t be patient with life.

I am blessed but didn’t realize.
I have a Mother and Aunt, who would sacrifice their lives for me.
I have a boyfriend who constantly showers me with love and affection.
I am in my second year of University with the help of my parents.
I have friends and lecturers who care for my wellbeing.
I have a life.
I am living.
I need to learn how to appreciate the small things in life, sometimes they are the best.

The sunlight was beautiful, but I only noticed the rain. The flowers were beautiful, but I only saw the ones that were dying.

My Bird, Baracka
My Fishes, My aunt is going to clean their tank today.

So, I still have hope.
I still believe.
No depression or anxiety attacks are going to ruin my life.
I’m going to enjoy the simple things.
I’m going to enjoy life.

13 thoughts on “I still have hope.

  1. One thing about those 20’s is that they’ll always have you feeling like you’re supposed to have everything together. Girl I’m 27 and still trying to get it together! You’re doing great! Stay in school! Finish! Don’t be discouraged ❤️ Sometimes goals seem unreachable when we get impatient but keep in mind that God’s time isn’t our time. Great Post as always !! I appreciate the realness of your post !!

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  2. I won’t leave the normal clichéd responses; I know how it is… just happy that you’ve found your way back to a functioning place of peace and acceptance.

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