Poem: “What was the reason?”

I saw that man last night,

He kissed his little girl while saying goodbye.

Was it goodbye forever?


But he didn’t know that,

He only wanted to go to the store and buy food for his baby girl and wife, who were at home.

He felt chilly, although the time was hot.

He felt hungry, although he left the house with a full stomach.

He felt weird but didn’t know why.

Poor little guy didn’t know he was going to lose his life.

What was the reason?

Nobody knows.

Robber came up to him and put the gun at his throat.

Trigger happy, no value for the human life.

A man ended up dead leaving his child and wife.

13 thoughts on “Poem: “What was the reason?”

  1. Oh my God, Girl! Your poems move me beyond words. What a tragic poem. You do know that you are gifted, right? Let your poems reach the world. Keep penning down those thoughts, you never know you just might change someone’s mind with the power of your words.

    Liked by 1 person

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