Dear Mommy. Happy Mother’s Day.

There were days I wanted to kick the bucket,
Overdressed with depression,
Thought I was a disappointment.
I was on the edge, ready to jump.
Once again you saved me, although I was acting dumb.
You are always there for me through the weather,
From the sunny days through the storm.
A beautiful flower like you will always be in the center of my garden.
I didn’t have a father to grow me like a princess,
But I had you, who taught me how to be a Queen.
The sacrifices you made for me, bring tears to my eyes every night.
You’re my celebrity.
You’re my role model.
My love for you will never die,
I pray to be a good mother just like you.
I love you mommy,
and I know you love me too.
From Shenzy to Mommy ( I. Anderson).

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