Mommy, it’s okay.😔

The room was tense.

Her eyes were red,

One more year is about to end, and no changes have occurred.

Debts were piling on top of one another and a new school year was about to start.

I didn’t want to upset her,

Suppose I structure my sentences wrong?

Suppose I end up saying something to send her in deeper depression.

I stand 5 meters away from her and said,

“Mommy, it’s okay,

Someday I’m going to make it, today is just a bad day,

I don’t need any new shoes or any new bag,

All I need for you is to understand,

I’m a blessing to you and you are a blessing to me,

We both working hard because we have goals to achieve,

The bills will be paid, don’t worry about that.

I won’t stop grinding until I reach the top.

I believe in you, the strongest woman I know.

You always put me first,

Shoes on my feet, while you walking bare,

Beautiful clothes on my back, while yours are stretch out with holes everywhere.

I’m going to make you happy,

So don’t you worry,

The struggle won’t last for long,

It’s okay mommy.”

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