“Reaching the Blue Mountain Peak”

I didn’t know which point I was trying to prove.

Is it to prove that I was healthy?

Is it to prove that I had the mental strength to reach the top?

I really didn’t know, but I picked the wrong day to prove a point.

The sun was hot and the place was humid.

Only had two bottles of water and a snack bar.

It was time to stop staring, thinking, and start climbing.

Halfway through my body felt like it dying,

My feet were numb.

One bottle of water left and I was breathless.

I was having a panic attack because it felt like I couldn’t go any further.

But when I looked down, I definitely couldn’t go back.

The only way was up.

I said a little prayer and continued grabbing rocks to help me up.

I reached a very steep area.

Had to be careful, one wrong move and I would end up being merged with nature at the bottom of the hill.

I used my feet and dig holes.

I was almost there.

I couldn’t move my head to look how far I was coming from.

I was looking at my goal, the top.

Two mosquitoes landed on my hand, I stared at them, biting my lips as I felt the sharp pain of them sucking my blood.

I took my eyes off them and continue focusing on the top.

I climbed. I climbed. I climbed.

I was finally there.

I was breathless, I was tired, I was hungry, I was sweaty, I was thirsty, but one thing for sure, I was happy.

I made it.

Now I know why I climbed it in the first place, to teach myself a lesson.

When setting goals for our lives, we often doubt ourselves and find all problems before we even attempt working on them.

Aiming towards your goals won’t be easy,

Every step you make towards it going to be challenging, but you have to learn self-discipline and commitment.

That’s how you will reach there, and when you do, the view will be spectacular.

Next goal: Mt.Everest

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