A Day in Downtown, Kingston🌼

I didn’t want to be at home, I just wanted to leave.

Told my mom I was going downtown and I asked her if she wanted anything to eat.

Jumped on a bus with earphones in my ears,

A man came on the bus preaching that judgment day was near.

I finally reach, but I truly didn’t know where I wanted to go.

I just started walking the crowded Downtown road.


The poor girl looked terrified, shouting ” the wuckless brute almost tek mi life.”

Not my business, I continued walking.

Covering my nose as I walked passed the stinking scent of urine.

The Jamaican vibe.

The Jamaican style.

Downtown, Kingston is a major part of Jamaican life.

Gunshot noise was all over the place,

The vendors seem excited, “finally something to vibes up the place.”

The policemen didn’t care, their attention was on the taxi men who was parking in front of a sign saying, “No parking here”.

I was getting frustrated,

my mouth was getting dry from telling the persistent vendors that I’m not in interested, I don’t want anything to buy.

” Brown girl, come buy a coconut.”

Nah, I’m good.

Coming down here you can’t be soft, because they will eat you alive, leaving you looking like a “mawga dog”.

It felt good being among my people,

Land of wood and water,

Laughter and trouble.

Some might judge us, put us in the wrong light,

But Jamaica 🇯🇲 is the best place,

My yard ” eva fulla vbyz”.

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