Crazy Sally’s Chronicles 🔥 Part 1.

Ps: Fiction…

Dear Diary,

It’s me, Sally.

I thought I found the love of my life,

His words were so soothing,

Just his actions towards me weren’t right.

I didn’t care, I usually like these toxic things.

His words were poison and his hands kept on changing the color of my skin.

I didn’t care.

I just wanted him to stay,

My beautiful Kevin.

I thought he would have been my husband one day.

Dead or alive,

I really wanted his last name.

But Diary, this man was slowly driving me insane.

I cooked.

I cleaned.

I did everything right.

But this man didn’t see me as his Mrs. Right.

Having an argument with me became his favorite hobby.

He would create situations in his head, then have the nerve to call me crazy.

My beautiful Kevin, my sweet baby.

It seems like he was getting tired of life,

What type of woman I would be to watch a beautiful man like that get destroyed?

He was exhausted,

And I was worried.

I needed my man to get a long, peaceful sleep.

Diary, he needed it,

because he kept on using my face as a stress reliever,

And I couldn’t handle it.

I kissed him good night,

Turn on the stove,

Leaving him to enjoy the company of Mrs. Carbon Monoxide.

He needed it.

He needed that rest.

Apparently, the cops and the judge didn’t believe me…

So now I’m under arrest.

Bye Diary. I’ll speak to you soon.

Kisses🥰🥰 Sally.

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