Hey, it’s just a phase.



Hey, I’m mentally drained.

I tattoo a smile on my face, so persons can stop asking if I’m okay.

No, I’m not,

But don’t worry about that.

Waste of oxygen telling you my problems,

Because I know “solutions” will not be your comeback.

Damn, do I have to go to work today?

Damn, do I have to smile with strangers, say good morning and put on a fake personality so I won’t ruin anyone day?

Damn, do I have to respond to my peers today?

Can’t I just avoid them and talk to them another day?

Life is so funny, I’m the one going through a crisis, but you’re the one that gets to be angry.


Because I didn’t want to know how your day went?


Because I told you I’m not in the mood for any conversations?


They said, “Hey, it’s a phase.”

Well, this phase is making me fall in love with depression more each day.

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