A Gut Feeling😰

Something isn’t feeling right.

Did I put too much sugar in my coffee?

Did I forget to send an email to my lecturer?

What the hell is wrong?

It feels like my intestine is knotting.

Breathe. Breathe.

Everything is perfectly fine.

Wait, why am I sweating?

It’s snowing outside😖

Calm down.

That cologne?

Yes, my baby is here, now I can stop this nonsense.

He enters the house,

I should be happy right now, why do I feel worst?

His eyes….. they are cold.

His face……it changed.

His soul…… is different.

This isn’t my husband I said yes to marriage years ago.

My stomach is getting worse,

God help me.

He finally opens his mouth,

“For years, I have no feelings for you and you didn’t even notice.”

Well, Of course, I notice. Every woman knows. I just thought we could make it. Thank God, he can’t read minds. Let me hear what else he got to say.

“For years I wanted to kill you and run off with Britney, so we can start our new family.”

Now, this was a gut feeling. I should have left this house from in the morning. Lord, help me.

“But I had to make sure everything was right. I even convinced you to lie to your own friends and family. Right now they think you are in Italy.”

Oh Shit, I did lie to my people. I was going through a mental episode and needed to be left alone. I always travel, so telling them that I was leaving, they didn’t saw it deceiving. Lord, help me.

“I thought about so many ways to harm you without getting caught. How is your stomach feeling Hunny?”

Oh shit, I thought he was being romantic when I realized the coffee was already brewed. Why couldn’t he just divorce me as any normal man would?

“I know you must be thinking why I didn’t just leave, but you see divorce baby girl, it’s just not for me. I find it hard to see you walk away with half the things I own. Oh, and I took out insurance on you 5 years ago.”

I’m still speechless. How can love be this deceiving?

Why the hell I forced to carry a marriage on my back that wasn’t going anywhere. Mommy used to say, “We live and we learn”.

But you’re wrong mommy, I live and now I’m going to die. This is a mistake I can’t learn from. My life is slipping from me because I ended up loving the wrong man.

” Bye Princess, nobody saw when I entered. So I’m going to a meeting, when I return, I’ll call the morgue for your body. I took your phone when you were sleeping. I know you wouldn’t miss it because checking it wasn’t part of your morning routine. Our neighbor Carl and Suzan in on vacation. So no help for you my sweet thang, goodbye.”

My stomach is getting ten times worse. I know death is inevitable, but I never wanted it so painful. I wonder how much more ladies are going through this. Sense their man changing but just wishing for the best.

I wish I could warn my friends to be careful. The same person who tells you that they love you today could be the death of you tomorrow.

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