Shenzy’s Talk: Changes❤

Changes are scary.

Imagine going to University for four years then decided you no longer have a passion for that degree.

You want to change😓

But you are afraid of what your parents might say, what your spouse might say, and what your self-doubt might say.

Can you go back to university and study for something different?

Can you leave that work you have been to for over 5 years?

Yes, you can!💥💥

I prefer to go back to university and spend the next 4 years to do a degree I actually like than spending the rest of my life in a profession that is depressing my soul. 💢

When your soul wants to go into a different direction than the life you are living,   


And the feeling is usually awful, because it’s like you are in a box suffocating, you want to leave that box.

Being in that box is depressing and you are getting unhappy.

That’s when you know you need to make a change in your life.

It’s uncertain. 😅

But it might be the best decision you ever made.❤❤❤

4 thoughts on “Shenzy’s Talk: Changes❤

  1. Hi, Shenzy! I was actually talking to my friend about today! It’s crazy how we tell young college students, “Choose this one career path to do for the rest of your life.” We should also tell them, “Listen, it’s okay to change your mind at some point.” I changed my major several times in college and interviewed professors in various departments to really explore my possibilities. Thanks for sharing this article!

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    1. Yasss! I was really confused throughout university and went through a depressing phase because of my major. Now I’m a graduate and thinking to go do another degree that might have a different outcome…

      Thank you for reading 😊🌻


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